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Julie Wright, California

Pzizz has changed my life. I actually believe it’s saved my life. I suffer from chronic insomnia from PTSD… THANK YOU for creating and sharing this indispensable app with the world! Sweet dreams!

Hayley Diill, Queensland

Where do I start? I have used SEVERAL apps for sleep assistance and many provided temporary relief. However after finding Pzizz, I have never looked back. I’ve had this app now for over a year and I use it every single night without failure. Thanking you with many zzzzz’s!

Jason Taylor

Usually my eight year old daughter steals my phone so she can Pzizz when she goes to bed. Luckily, all I have to do is wait ten minutes and BAM! she’s out like a light. I laugh at other parents who have to fight to get their kids to bed. Don’t fight, Pzizz!

Tara Pantera

My daughter has suffered from night terrors her entire life and she is 14 now. I had her start using it and after about a week, she wasn’t even talking in her sleep any more. Now…we ALL sleep better.

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